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Lewis Pownall Specialise in high yield South Wales Residential Property Investment

Lewis Pownall

"Buildings are my passion and I truly love what I do!" Sabrina A

Buildings are important. They house families and serve the community. Property also holds value and can double, triple and quadruple in price over time. Due to my keen interest in buildings, architecture and interior design I decided to embark on my passionate journey of creating beautiful homes. In doing so, I utilise 3 important resources - Time - Skills - Money.

Lewis Pownall is therefore a property development company working to create beautiful homes by purchasing properties and adding value through my skillfull expertise which I have acquired through my experience as a property developer. Drawing on my experience in the property development field I can help you to achieve your property investment goals through my specialist knowledge in this area.

The Details



My experience in the property development process, includes sourcing, purchasing, project management, sales and lettings. This has allowed me to understand what it takes to create a quality product that attracts investment. In turn, these properties have produced a high return on investment.




The UK has a strong investment appeal, and there is steady growth in the property market. My focus is on the beautiful, picturesque region of South Wales. .


Our Consumers


I aim to be recognised as a quality brand that produces smart smart tech, eco-efficient homes. These homes will be equipped with the latest specififcations allowing homebuyers and renters to benefit from a quality product. This identifyingconcept is what produces a high return on investment.


The aim of Lewis Pownall is to maximise returns by identifying opportunities where value can be added to an investment. . My team consist of local, tradesmen, who have years of experience producing quality workmanship and creating beautiful homes that bring value to the area, thereby leading to a profitable investment.



Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.

~ Russell Sage






Driven by results, we are pro-active and develop and manage property efficiently with the consumer and client always at the front of our plans.




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