How we work



Housing for financial returns


The right location is paramount. People want to live in affluent areas with good transportation links and a nice community feel. Designing the right home for the perfect family takes research, method and amazing eye for detail. Space is created and re-design ideas are crafted increasing the price per square foot.


  • The house is purchased for less than it's worth
  • The property is stripped and all items removed, exposing everything.
  • Then damp proofing, restrengthening bricks, improve wood works and securing the foundation and walls.
  • Renew gas and electric and fit walls, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and decoration finishing to a high specification.


The home is dressed, ready for prospective buyers or tenants.




Capital gains/Funds returned


There are a few ways to revise the effects of capital gains, With a fixed loan return, your funds are returned to you at the end of the agreed period of time. The monitary interest accumulated over months at a time, are paid along the original capital. Joint ventures recieived monetary rewards when the project is complete and the property is sold on to new buyers or when the property has been refinanced when letting to tenants. This is usually formed as a 50/50 split.


Working with the right people is paramount!.


We work with investors on a fixed rate return on monies invested. This allows them to invest their funds at fixed percentage per year.

Love property? Then you can join us on a specific deal and share the profit 50/50. This rewarding way is known as equity partneship.

The financial outlay needed for each property joint venture differs and is looked at on a deal by deal basis.

How We Work

Lewis Pownall is a development company working to bring life to property by renovating abandoned and lifeless properties, ripening them into desirable self contained homes. These properties are created to use space efficiently and are built using extraordinary craftsmanship and design to craft unique, modern and amazing homes.

How we create beautiful homes is simple. The process is clean, clear and concise and concentrated on buyers who appreciate style and trend. The process below explains our approach to how we purchase property to offer modern homes to the market.


The Process




Buy in desirable locations


Investing in property is fun and fulfilling. You get fantastic returns in a proven strategy. Property values are likely to more than double over a 20 year+ period of time.

It's a long term activity and requires a big element of professionalism and experience.


Based in South Wales, we look out for properties in locations that have city centre plans to regenerate and expand, seeking out both urban and semi rural areas to tend to the elite residents of each of those areas. With a lack of smart properties for families and retiree's and a demand for modern, open-space multi-function homes with smart techonology for those who can afford luxury, we can see exactly how we can create the right homes to bring to the market. These choose locations have evidencee of a stable market, good employment levels for high paid roles in or on the commuter belt and good highway access.


Our chosen locations of investment include Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Llanelli and Carmarthen.


Uplifting the value


Experience has helped to maximise returns by spotting marginal gains. Gains which other developers will miss. We seek higher yields and bigger margins. Risk is minimised by purchasing property that is worth more than what we pay. By working quickly we turn the property around and put back on the market for resale or to let. We're creative in the ways we secure property allowing flexibility to the vendor, offering them a number of selling options. Building works are completed quickly allowing for a efficient key turn property investment service.


  • Identify properties with real margin
  • Purchase with Fixed loans or in joint venture partnerships.
  • Maximise value by refurbisments and development
  • Realise significant capital gain and return capital to investors as agreed.


Within these locations, the buildings we recreate will have the right layout and necessary amount of rooms or space to ensure its high demand and profitability. The properties are designed with smart layouts and some of the latest technologies making these properties ideal for the new generation culture thats fit for both the postgraduates and retiree's.



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Driven by results, we are pro-active and develop and manage property efficiently with the consumer and client always at the front of our plans.

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