Fixed Loan Arrangements

Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed Loan Arrangements

How much money do I need?

The minimum amount we use is £10,000. This minimum amount allows us to offer better returns over an annual period. Any less of amount, we wouldn’t be able to make the returns attractive.

What will my money be used for?

It’ll be used part of a package of short term funding to enable the purchase and renovation of properties, this creating value from difference between purchase price and actual market value.

Your funding is then ‘recycled out’ out of the property as the property is revalued at the actual market value. This strategy calls for the sale of a percentage of properties once renovated to ensure a protected strong cash flow.

 How safe is my money?

Completely safe as it is legally protected. Your capital and the return you will receive are both protected by both water tight legal agreements that both parties sign, which is subject to English Law. You receive your original capital back in full plus the agreed return on capital, at term.

Repayment is a firm contractual obligation by both parties.

What is the investment time scale?

Your capital is held for one, two or three years as per agreed with yourself and repaid on the relevant anniversary of your start date, with the agreed return. In addition, we retain the ability to repay your capital at an six-month and an eight-month Break Date  with the accrued interest on the 12th month period agreement.

Where do you buy your investment properties?

We buy in Swansea and surrounding areas. Here, the population exceeds the amount and the types of property needed, opening a massive opportunity to manufacture and supply this.

What should I expect during the process?

Initially we have a meeting to discuss this opportunity and your short term / long term goals.  Ensuring our interest are in line, we will progress on to a second meeting where more of each others questions are answered until satisfied. Usually here is when we see the completion

of the legal agreement questionnaire, witnessed by both parties.

We advise you take good legal advise from your solicitor prior to legal agreement. Once signed, you transfer the sum agreed.  You are sent quarterly progress reports to keep you updated.  When the loan has completed it’s term, you will receive the total amount back into your designated account, where the agreement is complete.  Your capital and the return you earn are guaranteed legally.

Can I invest in the properties you purchase?

Not with this opportunity. We are keeping it simple. This is a partnership opportunity to receive a significant return for a cash amount invested for a one, two or three year period.



This opportunity is not ideal if you are in a hurry to receive your funds back within a shorter period of time than 12 months!