Joint ventures

The Opportunity

To work with us to buy property for high returns within a one, two or three year period.  Depending on the circumstance, the property would be purchased   using a SPV (special purpose vehicle)  or purchased in your name giving you the assurance needed.  You fund the purchase, refurbishment and all costs.

We manage the sourcing, refurbishment and the sale of the property. Once sold the solicitor acts within accordance of the agreed terms on the joint venture. 

The Process

Ensuring our interests are inline, we agree on time scales and the sums to invest prior to signing the legally binding agreement.

The property is placed in a SPV or  in your name giving you security and protection. You will fund the purchase and the refurbishment whilst we manage the entire process, keeping you updated quarterly.

Once sold the funds are distributed as agreed by the solicitor.

What’s in it for me?

The opportunity to work with a experienced property investor, whom will use their expertise, knowledge and power team to get you profiting from property.

Here, you can leverage your time and efforts and leave it all in the hands of people who know what their doing; stick to doing what you love and leave the rest to us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Example Buy to Sell Case Study

3 bedroom terrace house, renovated to a higher standard.

Purchase price         £60,000

Refurb costs           £20,000

Costs and fees           £5,000

Sale price                    £115,000

Profit                            £30,000

Project time scale of 9 months from the purchase of the property to the sale of the property. Always allow for 12 months.

The Criteria

As a joint venture, legally, we can only work with an individuals who fit the investor FSA criteria: 

1.Owns a property portfolio worth over £250,000 (Press here for more info), or

2.Has an income of £100,000 per annum.

Press here for more info.

Unfortunately, if you do not fit that criteria then we are unable to joint venture with you. Fixed Loan Agreement would be more suitable.

Our working relationship

We ask only serious individuals  who are clear on their outcomes and comfortable as an arm chair investor  work with us  as time is of the essence in property. Once on board you will be required to carry out necessary paper works within a timely manner not exceeding any 72 hour period.  This ensures we can stick to the planned timescales and process.  We too work to these standards.